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BVC Logistics Drafts COVID-19 Preparedness Manual To Resume Operations Post Lock Down

In anticipation of the relaxation of COVID-19 induced nationwide lockdown since 18th May, BVC Logistics has issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The guidelines revolve around safety, for self, at home, in transit, for colleagues at the workplace, and for the community at large. BVC Logistics aims to progressively resume operations in a graded manner. The company has offices in the cities mentioned under the green zone like Rajkot, Kochi, Hissur, etc. that will soon resume operations as per the guidelines.

Some of the highlights of the guidelines are as follows:

BVC Logistics’ drivers and escorts will be using PPE and will ensure contactless delivery and pickup of goods. All the trucks will be sanitized to avoid the further spread of COVID-19.

While entry to the workplace:

  1. Strictly keep 1.5-meter distance when you are approaching BVC gate
  2. Get your body temperature scanned at  the reception
  3. Use the attendance register and avoid biometric attendance
  4. Get your temperature recorded on the dashboard
  5. Maintain social distancing: During meetings or Opt for virtual meetings
  6. Seating arrangements to be maintained at 1.5mts from each other
  7. Avoid any type of contact at Water points – using disposable water cups

Along with the points mentioned above which are to be followed by everyone, the company has taken measures to sanitize the office surfaces and premises with disinfectants beforehand.

In a statement, Mr Rajesh Neelakanta, Executive Director & CEO said, “BVC Logistics has chalked out the guidelines as an action plan that aligns with the national policy and government guidelines for smooth operations. The guidelines highlight the 5s, Social distancing, Safety PPE, Self Hygiene, Self Isolation and Self-discipline for everyone to follow. It includes starting from home to going back safely.”

BVC Logistics aims to not have more than 50% workforce in office and employees will be divided into shifts. There will be frequent disinfection/sanitization of all touchpoints. The detailed guidelines direct no handshakes, no sharing of chairs, or food near your desk. It is also advised to keep cleaning your hands every few hours and sanitize your laptops, mobiles, chargers and desks twice daily.

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