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BVC has created unique solutions which allow merchants to maximise online jewellery sales, globally.
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E-commerce of diamonds

Online Jewellery Business Challenges

High number of theft cases

Jewellery has a higher loss risk and data from all carriers show high loss ratios resulting in poor buyer experience.

Shipping cost too high

The base cost of jewellery shipments is higher due to security which doesn't support low value orders.

Slow delivery

The overnight buying experience isn't experienced by jewellery buyers, delivery timelines are incredibly slow.

Special BVC Solutions For Online Jewellery

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100% insured deliveries

BVC is known for security and almost zero losses in its 60 year history. The exceptions get managed by the BVCs fastest insurance claim process in the logistics industry.
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Shipping cost aligned with your price

BVC's cost scales with your revenue with a very low base fee. Whether international or domestic, BVCs price has activated 100s of jewellery e-commerce company to sell anywhere, anytime.
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Revolutionary fast shipping time

BVC facilitates delivery within India in 24 hours, or the shipment is free! BVC has also created a unique 2 day delivery solution to USA which is 90p faster than alternatives like India Post.

Make Shipping Your Competitive Advantage

Securely reach customers in 10,000+ pin codes in India
Securely import and export to 130+ countries
Fully insured solution
Lightning fast delivery
24x7 customer service
Instant tracking
Easy API integration
One point contact for all secure logistics
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