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Decades of experience. Exponential growth of a startup.
Building the future of the jewellery value chain.

On A Mission To Set Global Benchmarks In Stakeholder Satisfaction

Vision 2022

Aiming For Vision 2022

Making shipping the competitive advantage of 30,000 businesses by March 31, 2022.

Our core values

Core values
  1. Inclusive growth
    Ensure each stakeholder grows along with BVC in the long run.
  2. Disruptive innovation
    Reinvent and disrupt instead of adding incremental value.
  3. Happiness for all
    Make every action fun and enjoy the journey, spreading happiness to each stakeholder.
  4. Entrepreneurship
    Experience low risk entrepreneurship within BVC, acting like an owner & entrepreneur in all actions.
  5. Stakeholder Satisfaction
    Create a positive impact for each stakeholder while executing.
  6. Neutrality
    Absolute neutrality toward gender, nationality, race, beliefs and all subjective parameters. The best idea and execution wins.

Our Team

Uday Chinai
Uday Chinai
Bhavik Chinai
Bhavik Chinai
Group CEO
Rajesh Neelakanta
Rajesh Neelakanta
CEO - BVC Logistics
Yogesh Bansode
Yogesh Bansode
CEO - BVC Brinks
Bharat Badani
Bharat Badani
President - BVC Clearance
Harsh Arora
Harsh Arora
CBO - BVC Logistics
Krishna Bastikar
CBO - BVC Brinks
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