Solutions for Gold Loans

Doorstep gold loans is the disruptive model in the gold loan business & BVC has crafted logistics solutions to maximise the KPI which matters: number of loans

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Gold loan logistics

Doorstep gold loan business challenges

Gold loans

Expensive & slow physical infra setup

Starting doorstep gold loans needs physical offices, team & vaults in each location which isn't the core business

Loan managers wasting time on logistics instead of sales

Loan managers invest 2 extra hours after each loan to visit a vault or bank branch only to deposit the collateral.

Build & manage dozens of partnerships across cities for one solution

Managing multiple locker partners in each city is incredibly operationally inefficient.

Special BVC solutions for online jewellery

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Plug & play vaults &
secure logistics

BVC reduces the setup time from months to hours in over 50 cities & 10,000 pincodes in India.

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Maximising loan manager's visits through pickups

BVC's breakthrough eSHIP solution leverages its bikers to pickup from loan managers at the borrower's location, maximising the visits each loan manager can do.

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One stop solution for all states & cities of India

One partner for secure transportation, overnight & long term vaulting across India, eliminating the backend hassle of builidng and managing 10+ partnerships.

Make shipping your competitive advantage

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Securely reach customers in 10,000+ pincodes in India

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Securely import and export to 130+ countries

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Fully insured solution

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Lightning fast delivery

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24x7 customer service

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Instant tracking

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Easy API integration

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One point contact for all secure logistics