BVC Logistics has always been known for the secure transportation of valuable goods. We understand that an exclusive supply chain system is required for high priced goods. At BVC Logistics, we ensure that we provide an end-to-end solution to our customers. Door-to-door delivery and customised solutions are just a few of the service offerings. BVC Logistics’ vast industry experience helps us understand that not all valuables are the same and hence we provide specific/niche solutions for vulnerable goods and valuables, with an array of solutions.


We offer reliable and efficient freight forwarding service across 130+ countries, around the world, with an excellent network of operators who are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We promise timely and cost-effective delivery of goods to the desired destination. Our relationship with global partners aims to offer the lowest – price, transit time, fixed allocations and lift capacity of carriers in each major trade lane. We are proud of our ability to add efficiency to our client's supply chain management.


Keeping up with the market trends, BVC has introduced an exclusive service for eCommerce portals. When it comes to serving the eCommerce industry, extensive geographical coverage and seamless last-mile delivery become extremely vital. BVC Logistics has developed a strong delivery network across India to ensure just that. Having partnered with the biggest eCommerce players, we guarantee a flawless delivery system with strong customer support.



Buyers expect each step in the buying process, from the initial catalogue search to their order’s arrival, to be simple and smooth. But that’s not easy to achieve when delivering across borders. International eCommerce transactions are more complex than their domestic counterparts and are fraught with potential roadblocks that can cause delays, undermining one of eCommerce’s key selling points: fast fulfilment of individual orders anywhere, anytime.



The movement of Wedding Jewelry can now be executed safely and quickly, using the services from BVC WeddingSHIP. This service has been specifically developed to handle the secured logistics requirements of transporting jewellery for a destination wedding. Our service ensures convenience and peace of mind to you - our invaluable client. This is achieved by using our specialized and best of the industry acknowledged practices.



We understand the need to balance cost against risk and will tailor our security recommendations to meet your budgetary and exposure considerations. We also provide safer shipping practices to all of our clients. These practices are designed to help prevent your fulfillment department from inadvertently placing a package or cargo at risk.



Trade shows make for an integral part of the Diamond and Jewellery business. It is here that the industry thrives through networking and presence. Catering to the transportation needs of diamonds and jewellery to and from the designated exhibition sites is ‘ExhibiSHIP’, a service of BVC Logistics. With extensive experience in handling almost 90% of the diamond and jewellery trade shows in India, ensuring timely and secure deliveries is but second nature to us.



Our vaulting services ensure that no matter what is being stored within our vaults, it always remains safe and secure. Our stringent security protocols coupled with our extensive experience in managing the storage of high-value goods ensure that customers can rely on us to protect the integrity of their valuable items. With a choice of vaults, BVC Logistics is confident that we can tailor a specific strategy in line with your operational and security requirements. We provide our clients with secure storage options protected by our armed guards and electronic security measures.


Customs Brokerage

We understand the challenges of doing global business and the need for smooth customs clearance. We leverage our industry expertise to offer you quality custom clearance services, helping you avoid demurrages and penalties and also reducing your lead time. Our customs brokerage team specializes in shipping, with extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with customs topics worldwide.


Hallmarking & Diamond Certification

Hallmarking is the exact assurance and official recording of the proportionate substance of precious metal articles. They are also considered official marks utilized in numerous nations as an assurance of purity or fineness of commodity. The initiative of the Indian government for making hallmarking necessary for fine gold jewellery has ensured trust and reliability in the jeweller. If your jewellery has hallmarked gold jewellery, the customer can rest assured that they are buying genuine products.


Diamond certification is essential for any diamond because it verifies and describes what it is that the customer is buying. Without a certificate from a reliable lab, there’s no way to know if the diamond you’re buying is what the seller claims. A diamond certificate includes details like the cut quality, color grade, carat weight and other characteristics. Having proof for what you’re buying is paramount, especially with such a large purchase like a diamond.


Gold Loan

India is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world and this gold buying trend does not seem to die anytime soon. However, this precious metal also considered auspicious, other than being used for industrial, commercial and investment purposes can also be used to get a loan. The gold loan has become an easy monetary solution today. A gold loan has many benefits over any other type of loan.

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